Letter from Ngeth Samnang

October, 2014

Hello my name is Ngeth Samnang. I come from Orphanage Takeo Province to study in Phnom Penh city since 2009. Now I graduated with bachelor degree major Information Technology at Phnom Penh International University and I am got a job at Private company in Phnom Penh city.

At the time I was a boy I lived in Orphanage Takeo Province. The center offer new life for me and everything as foreign language education new clothes food that I never has before. I never forgot Mr. Ron Abney he is my hero daddy that every children at orphanage Takeo Province love him so much and call him "Daddy" and he love we all so much also. When he went to visited kid at Takeo he brings some of candy cake gave us. I lived in center 5 years and I had many sisters, brothers, friends we lived we play we learned we grown together.

After I finished grade 12 I didn't know I have opportunity to come Phnom Penh study at university but I really want to continue university but I can continues study at university because of my daddy Mr. Ron Abney he trying to find fund from generous people at oversea for help all children in orphanage Takeo so I can study in Phnom Penh. First day that I came Phnom Penh I don't know everywhere but have Mr. Soda he is advisor he tell me about how to start new life in Phnom Penh city. After that I have continued study in Phnom Penh I try study hard from year to year until graduated and I try to find part time job during I study in university.

At the end I would like to say thank you so much to Mr. Ron Abney that he help me have like to day and very thank to generous that spend own money for support children at orphanage Takeo by Mr. Ron Abney and also say thank you to Mr. Soda is coordination in Cambodia. If no have all of you we cannot have new life and everything like to day and I hope you all continue your help to children in orphanage Takeo every next generation because they need your help. Finally I wish you all the best and success all you want to do.

Ngeth Samnang